A restaurant in Karasuma, Kyoto featuring the tastes of authentic handmade
ramen and Sanuki udon noodles.
They offer 80 types of Izakaya-staples including unique menu options such as
Yuzu-citrus ramen and Lemon ramen.
English menus are also available so feel free to stop by!

Our Commitment to Eitarou

Our Commitment to Udon Noodles

Our Commitment to Handmade Noodles

In order to maintain the phenomenal quality of its chewy textures, our noodles are handmade everyday by following call “Ashibumi seihou”
which the foot-pressing method learned from a long-established, traditional restaurant of Sanuki-style udon noodles, efore a 8 hours rest for fermentation of the dough.

Our Commitment to Soup

Only the first-pressed dashi broth made
from 4 types of stringently selected bonito flakes will be used.

Our Commitment to Ramen

Our Commitment to Soup

The soup combines the broth made from cooking chicken bone for 7 hours with plenty of seafood and the first-pressed bonito-dashi broth made specifically for the udon noodles.
A perfect bowl that combines the fresh, yet sweet and full-bodied taste that perfectly matches with the pork-backfat that symbolized as an essential component of Kyoto-style ramen noodles.

Our Commitment to Noodles

Uses choice, stringently selected flours from Japan.
Thin, straight noodles with reduced alkaline content to pair better with the soup.


Authentic ramen noodles, born out from the love of ramen by the owner.
Please enjoy this flavorful journey featuring “Yuzu-citrus Ramen” and “Curry Ramen”
the 2 popular menus that are only available at a udon restaurant.



yuzu noodles

The ramen soup is topped will pork-backfat fully and flavored using a soy sauce that was matured for 2 days in a dashi broth that is special to an udon noodle restaurant.
This soup is finished with the squeezed juices of a Yuzu-citrus for a refreshing taste that you would enjoy to the very last drop.



curry noodles

A popular staple since the opening of therestaurant.
A unique flavor tasting like “curry, but also ramen” that is made from combining pork-backfat and the broth of chicken bones.
Adjust the spiciness to your liking.

・ Spicy +¥110 ・ super spicy +¥220


Japanese style salt noodles

The dashi broth is combined with the broth of chicken bones, as well as being topped with pork-backfat and plenty of black pepper.
A refreshingly flavored ramen with a sharp and tight aftertaste.



Chinese noodle(Soy sauce) ¥700
Char-siu pork noodle ¥950
Chicken salt noodle ¥800
Japanese style salt noodle ¥700
Lemon noodle ¥750
Yuzu noodle ¥750
Curry noodle ¥800
Curry noodle(Spicy) ¥910
Curry noodle(super spicy) ¥1,020
Special Bamboo shoots noodle ¥930
Miso (soybean paste) noodle ¥800

* Tax included

Udon noodle

Handmade noodles made using the Sanuki-style foot pressing method and featuring the incredibly aromatic broth made from the first-pressed dashi of 4 types of bonito flakes.
Appreciate the flavors of Eitarou, one of the first restaurants to create a marriage between Kansai and Sanuki styles of udon noodles in Kyoto.


curry unamban

The incredibly aromatic sauces combined with the secret spice blends will condense with the noodles and go right into your stomach.
Our No.1 popular udon noodle to enjoy, using all of your senses.

Meat curry ¥800
Chicken curry ¥800
Deep-fried tofu curry ¥800
Shrimp tempura curry ¥1,200
Pork fillet cutlet curry ¥950
Oyters curry
(A winter-only menu that is a curry featuring the oysters sourced directly from the market)


curry stew

A combination of udon noodles and rice.
A sizable menu option that features 2 curry dishes.
One is a udon noodle dish with a light curry broth that is different from the traditional Namba-style curry, and the other is a curry-type porridge.

・Spicy +¥110 ・super spicy +¥220


Cold Udon noodle

Thick deep-fried tofu ¥680
Zaru ¥700
Zaru (thin) ¥750
fried tofu ¥850
Zaru with tempura ¥1,380
Bukkake ¥750

Hot or Cold

Tempura bits ¥680
Grated radish ¥850
Grated yam paste ¥890

Udon pot

Nabeyaki udon ¥1,380
Oyster Nabeyaki udon ¥1,050

Hot udon

Sanuki ¥500
Kamaage ¥700
Tempura ¥000
Kayaku ¥000
Simmered egg ¥680
Chicken namba ¥800
Plum Seaweed ¥750
Starchy sauce ¥700
Kayaku starchy sauce ¥800
deep fried tofu ¥660
Haikara ¥750

* Tax included

Rice bowl


chicken rice

You wouldn’t get enough of the sweet and spicy sauce made from the Kaeshi (slightly boiled) soy sauce.
A popular menu topped with fried chicken wings.

smal chicken rice ¥380 (Tax included)


sweet shrimp tempur&pumpkin&Soft-boiled egg rice bowl

Enjoy popular tempura ingredients that are quintessential in Sanuki-style udon noodles.
The crunchy texture of the batter are a result of being double-fried withfinesse.

small sweet shrimp tempur ¥380(Tax included)


Chicken rice bowl ¥800
Pork fillet cutlet rice bowl ¥850
Tempura rice bowl ¥1,000
Chicken and egg rice bowl ¥800
Pork fillet cutlet curry ¥900
* Tax included
Curry stew ¥800
Curry stew (Spicy) ¥900
Curry stew (Super-spicy) ¥1,000
Chicken rice bowl (s) ¥380
Kakiage rice bowl (s) ¥380
Curry rice bowl (s) ¥380
Nosemono rice bowl (s) ¥380
Soft-boiled eggs rice bowl (s) ¥380
Salmon&Egg ricce bowl (s) ¥380
* Tax included

Udon option

* All bowls include a serving of udon noodles.Please choose the portion size: Regular or Small.
* Only regular sized udon noodles can be served either warm or chilled.
* Hot is price ¥100up,Cold is price ¥150up from 5:00PM~
* BigSize(Rice bowl,udon) ¥150up
* Thin udon,Soba ¥80up
* Udon noodles for set menus can be changed to the following options.


Namba-style curry udon ¥250 up
Tukimi(Udon Noodle Soup with Raw Egg) ¥100 up
Oborosigure Udon ¥200 up
Haikara Udon ¥120 up

A reasonably priced night cap menu to enjoy a drink, some snacks and an authentic udon noodle at the end.

Raise a glass at Eitarou for a night out in Kyoto

Small Night Cap Set


  • ・Karaage(fried chicken)
  • ・Roast pork
  • ・Oden
You can choose one from these three dishes.


  • ・Draft beer
  • ・Highball
  • ・Sour
  • ・Can chu-hi
  • ・Shochu(wheat or sweet potato)
  • ・Japanese Sake

You can choose one from these six drinks.

Set A

Green soybeans&potato salad & Tube-shaped Fish Paste Tempura.

Set B

Green soybeans.

Dashimaki(Japanese omelette)

Featuring the first-pressed bonito dashi broth used in the sauce base for udon noodles.
A puffy and gentle omelet to enjoy the flavors of the dashi broth and eggs.


Eitarou style Grilled dumplings

A simple taste will bring you to the mysteries of its popularity.
Pot stickers that pairs phenomenally with not only ramen but udon noodles as well.


Familiar Staples Tori kara pon

Crunchy and Juicy Fried Chicken Skin w/ Ponzu Sauce.
A perfect match with Beer.


Today’s sashimi

Great value menu options at below-profit prices.
Menu details will vary daily including fatty-tuna.


Udon pot

With Original fried chicken&Potato salad.

Udon noodle Sukiyaki that combines plenty of seafood
with the secret bonito first-pressed dashi broth
and the Hokkaido kombu-seaweed sauce base.
Please enjoy the aroma-rich flavors.


Offers around 80 types of à‐la‐carte menu options.


Happy hour – 5pm ~ 7pm
(Monday to Friday)

・Draft beer ¥530¥400
・Bottled beer¥550¥430
・Highball-Sour-Japanese Sake ¥490¥430
・Wine ¥550¥430

* Tax included
Stringently recommended by Eitarou


Full bottle ¥3,300
Decanter(500ml) ¥1,980
Glass ¥550
* Tax included



Draft beer (medium) ¥480
Draft beer (small) ¥380
Black bottle beer ¥450
bottle beer (medium) ¥500
YEBISU bottle beer (medium) ¥600
Highball ¥490
Suntory Bottle (700ml) ¥3,000


Takara CAN chu-hi Lemon
Choya umeshu ¥480
Lemon ¥480
Lime ¥480
Green apple ¥480
Peach ¥480
Calpis ¥480
Yuzu ¥480
Fresh Orange ¥580
Fresh Grapefruit ¥580


Iichiko (wheat) Glass ¥580
Bottle (900ml) ¥2,800
Kurokirishima (potato) Glass ¥500
Bottle (900ml) ¥3,000
Bottle (1800ml) ¥6,000
Ikkokumonn Glass ¥710
Bottle ¥3,490
Shirasinnken (wheat) Glass ¥590
Bottle ¥3,260
Yokaichi (wheat) Glass ¥590

Japanese Sake

Shochiku bai “Goukai” 30ML ¥800
Kyoden 30ml ¥820
Ginjo “Kirakucho” 30ml ¥1,160
Junmai Ginjo “Tamano Hikari” 1gou ¥940
Shochiku bai “Goukai” 1gou ¥480
2gou ¥890

Soft drink

Oolong tea ¥400
Coke ¥400
Orange juice ¥330
* Tax included
Name Shin teuchi udon “Eitarou”
Tel 075-211-2239
Address 1F, Karasuma-Nishiki Bldg, 683, Moto-Honenji-cho,
Nishiki-Karasuma-Higashi-Iru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Access 1 minute walk from Exit No. 17 or 18 of Karasuma Station via the Hankyu Kyoto Line.
3 minute walk from Shijō Station on the Kyoto Municipal Subway.
Open [Monday to Friday]
11:30~14:00 17:30~22:00(L.O.)
[Saturday・public holiday]
11:30~14:00 17:30~21:00(L.O.)
Close Sunday